Moon's True Delay Lenght Wah Foo Era (Album 2012)

by The Dry Mouths



Dedicado a la Candelilla y a todos los Bocasecas, gracias por su apoyo y amistad, por darnos el empuje y la energía necesarios para seguir adelante y por formar entre todos una familia.


Dedicated to Candelilla and all Bocasecas, thanks for your support and friendship, for giving us the drive and energy to move forward and become a family


released March 1, 2012

Grabado y mezclado por Raul Parra y The Dry Mouths en Fusible Studio (Almeria) durante Noviembre y Diciembre de 2011. Masterizado por Raul Parra en Enero de 2012. Musica por The Dry Mouths. Letras por The Dry Mouths y los "Bocasecas". Fotografía por Samuel S.S. Diseño y montaje artístico por Gesioh!, Samuel S.S. y The Dry Mouths


Recorded and mixed by Raul Parra and The Dry Mouths at Fusible Studio (Almeria) during November and December 2011. Mastered by Raul Parra in January 2012. Music by The Dry Mouths. Lyrics by The Dry Mouths and "Bocasecas". Photo by Samuel S.S. Layout by Gesioh!, Samuel SS and The Dry Mouths



Track Name: The Dry Mouths - All This I Know
the air is coming down / and it's full of dirty silence / we will reborn to / to know the answers / all this I Know Is You / they come in silence now / they're walking down the streets / and look for lifes faithless
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Cow Jet Hash
Hear the voices scream and shout into this annoying fucking silence... and now my head is coming clear / Once we forget about all the things we said, we'll remember how are we living now? all the things we said, hear it / Save your ashes now
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Thyrom, the Bolsom
Hold your cam, feel the shame inside yourself and listen / I'm falling slowly to the ground, rise above, Burning / Man who saved us goes to war, we were waiting for too long / Cold is dirt, fill the nerves inside your head, waving / I'm fading out and stay away, Rise above, Burning / I can't understand how did your words become to laws
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - So Most Gentle The Bee End
I can't get to see / the end of the wait / Everybody is impacient to get more seeds / you don't need to know anything else, and that way / because it wouldn't be right / this laberynth is done blind / fill the emptiness of their existence / proclaim what we've got to do now / everybody is impacient to get more seeds
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Do Roll The Moey Era
Try to turn the ashes shapes into a static film sitting on the climb of the highest words/ all the ways out revolve about the mirrors that someone wants to make / I want you to save yourself / now you wil be free
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Mad Call Is There
Mad call is there at home
Mad call is Home Alone
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Phiriasis
Poison in vain intentions, life for many deaths, protection for walls / Children waiting for another chance to learn prtection for walls / Who Knows where they give out dreams / they give out dreams / they'll never find it again / Every brick is better alone
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - WKWT GOD
Who Knows Where They Give Out Dreams
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Undo Mask Undo
shine all the lights through holes in my brain / when I forget the reason to / keep the truth far away from you / I feel deserted and blue / It's just me falling down / We'll be waiting out of time / So you better waste your lies
Track Name: The Dry Mouths - Elephant
Show your bones my beauty hated / I drive alone to my last wait / I don't want to leave what is real behind / Dear a long list of shames / I'm scared of you / Show your dopes and show your fears it's not too late to dry my tears / I losed you I lose you / show your dopes and show your fears I'll try to find I way to clear my memories

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